The Latest Home Design Ideas

Home design always changes by times depending on the trends of each period. What kind of design that is up to date now? There are some styles you can choose whether to build your new home or to renovate it to get the modern look.

The Minimalist Design

Minimalist design has been a choice for these days home design. Less is more, or so what it is said about the design. The fewer things you put in the rooms, the more space you get to move around. The main characteristic of this design is that space is everything. This minimalist design creates an image of a big and spacious home.

  1. Living Room

In minimalist style, you will not require much furniture in your living room. If you want to add up a mirror to create an additional space, you better not put too many stuff in the room. Unless you want the room to look big but packed up, so it is absolutely not minimalist at all.

To make the minimalist style look more extra, you can put big windows surrounding your living room. It works better if your house locates around the woods, so the natural view will bring a relaxing mood into the living room.

  1. Kitchen

Decorating kitchen will make your cooking experience become more fantastic. The minimalist style will allow you to have less furniture in your kitchen. To minimize the furniture, these things can be shrunk or removed: cabinets, table, and chair. You can still have things that are mandatory in a kitchen such as a fridge, oven, dishwasher, etc. As for the cabinets, you can replace them with something cuter that do not take too much space.

The main characteristic of the minimalist kitchen design is that the space between the corners – tables or countertop – are quite wide and allow you to move freely. The simple decoration with fewer patterns will do the style perfectly.

  1. Bathroom

The most favorite place to relax after work is the bathroom. The minimalist style bathroom design includes the concern about the size of the bathroom into consideration. If your bathroom is quite huge, you can put a big bathtub as well as toilet and shower, even you can put a big washbasin below the mirror. However, you can still follow this minimalist design with limited space by excluding the bathtub and changing it into the shower instead.

The windows are not required here except the ones with blinds so people will not be able to reach out into your privacy. The curtain bath is also excluded since it will reduce the space and it also downgrades the elegant mood.

The Midcentury Modern Style

The year of midcentury around 1940-1950 has been a great inspiration for the various contemporary modern design of a home. It’s been popular for the main character of this style in which its wood-look accent and clean lines make it look warm and welcome everyone. The nature of the wood creates an elegant and warm look at the same time since it brings the nature into the house. Wood is not a cheap piece for sure, but using it to accentuate a room will not require much of its presence.

  1. Living Room

The living room of this style is pretty simple. In midcentury style, you will just simply put the furniture by the wall and arrange them in a straight line. The ones that make it look beautiful are the furniture around it. The sofa can be huge with some ottomans around the table. The small sofa will do too as long as it matches the main color of the room.

  1. Kitchen

The main characteristic of the midcentury kitchen is quite obvious to see since the dining room is attached to the kitchen. Table and chairs will be a part of the kitchen decoration in this style. The cabinets will be a perfect spot to paste the wood looking kitchen as well as accentuate the midcentury style.