Modern Kitchens Features

The kitchen is an important part of a house where the family gather up and bonding with each other. The design of a kitchen will define the quality of the owner of the kitchen itself. The kitchen design that most people choose is the modern kitchen. Designing a perfect modern kitchen is necessary to keep you up to date and to raise the mood of the whole family members.

The Characters of Modern Kitchen

The modern kitchen is the most-choice of people nowadays since its minimalist and spacious design that emphasizes the modern lifestyle which needs more space rather than more furniture in a room. These are the things that a modern kitchen should have.

  • The Background

The main difference between classic kitchen and the modern is the background of the kitchen which is pretty obvious to see. The classic kitchen’s background usually appears as the white plain tiles or some tiles that come in maroon or green. There is nothing wrong with the tiles. It’s just that you need to upgrade the classical style into modern vintage style by changing the plain tiles into Mediterranean tiles.

When the Mediterranean tiles seem pretty pricey, you can just put them in the center as the accent instead of covering the whole wall in tiles. As for the rest of the background, you could just turn it white. It’s because white never dies.

  • Stainless steel Appliances

The appliances should be upgraded as well while upgrading your kitchen into modern style. There is one typical modern kitchen that will appear simply but modern at the same time. Besides the simplicity, the stainless steel appliances will last long in your kitchen.

  • Colors Choice

One of the most difficult things to decide is choosing the color for the kitchen background. White as the infinitive color can be boring if you apply it for the whole house without any accent color. These are some colors you can choose for your modern kitchen.

  • Grey

Despite the old-impression, grey could be the perfect color for the modern kitchen when you mix it in the most appropriate way. By putting it as the accent color in the midst of the white domination, grey can make a good proportion while mixing the rustic and modern style as one. In some modern style kitchen, the geometric style will be perfect when it meets white and grey.

  • Black

Black is a sexy color for a kitchen. The most kitchen that uses black as the primary color is an apartment kitchen. However, it still can be applied in the family kitchen if you combine it with the warm wood color to make it look cozier for the family.

  • Pastel color

Most people will think pastel color will not be suitable for the modern kitchen design. However, if it’s used as the highlight color to contrast the surrounding, pastel color can be really eye-catching in a good way for your kitchen.

  • Cabinets Reducing

The cabinets in the kitchen support people to manage the kitchen better. On the other hand, the cabinets make the kitchen seem quite packed. Cabinets are actually not a mandatory need in a kitchen although, without it, the kitchen will look pretty weird without it. You don’t have to fully remove all the cabinets since it can be reduced by replacing it with the unfinished wood plank planted on the wall to help you manage the stuff by still preserving the upper cabinets.

  • Woody Kitchen

The kitchen that looks all wood will be a great idea of modern design since the wood has got the long-lasting character. You can start from the cabinets with the natural-stripes wood colored dark brown and black. The wood accentuates an impression of warmth and inviting. It will be suitable for the family kitchen.