Bathroom Design for Modern Houses

The bathroom is one of the most important elements in a house. Therefore, its existence is needed because every home definitely needs at least a bathroom. This, of course, is influenced by the function of the bathroom itself for residents of the house. The bathroom functions as a room where residents of the house do self-cleaning activities such as bathing and so on.

The bathroom in a house is not only seen from the function perspective but also the aesthetic value. Because this room is so important in a house, then this room must always be in the house and also as much as possible can be added value to the beauty of the interior of the house itself.

Bathroom Design Choices

There are so many bathroom design choices. This design should be adjusted to the overall home design so that it looks harmonious. In addition, we can also ask for recommendations or suggestions from architects or interior experts for the problem of bathroom design.

In general, bathrooms can be designed based on several basic designs, such as bathrooms with minimalist, rustic, or natural designs. The most important thing is that we have to know how big the bathroom we have and how it needs so that the bathroom design can be adjusted later.

Good Design Criteria

For a good design criterion for the bathroom is a design that has aesthetic value but can still maintain the function value of the bathroom itself. In addition, it should also be remembered that the bathroom is one of the most accident-prone places in the house so that the safety factor must also be considered carefully.

  • Bathroom Accessories and Equipment

Some accessories or equipment commonly found in the bathroom are a shower, bathtub, sink, and so on. In some bathrooms, it is also often combined with a toilet so we will find a water closet in it.

Before determining what accessories and equipment we will use for the bathroom, you should first determine the basic function of the bathroom. Is it only used for bathing, or combined with a toilet. This basic function will determine what equipment we need.

Bathroom equipment itself should be chosen for good quality. Because it is used in moist areas, it is recommended that the bathroom equipment used is made of water-resistant materials such as porcelain and stainless steel.

  • Lighting

The bathroom must have good lighting. Also, try the bathroom to get natural light from the sun so that the growth of fungi and bacteria can be suppressed. At night, use bright white lights to create a clean impression in the bathroom.

  • Air Circulation

Air circulation is as important as the bathroom. Make good air circulation in the bathroom so that you can keep the bathroom dry after use and reduce the smell in the bathroom. Make rather large ventilation and connect directly to the outside air in the bathroom. It is also possible to consider the use of an exhaust fan on the bathroom ceiling.

  • Floor and Wall

A bathroom is a place that always has contact with water; therefore the bathroom floor should not be slippery. For this reason, coat the floor with coarse-textured tiles. In addition, the wall also needs to be coated with ceramic so as not to cause water which can trigger the growth of mold.