Things about Office Kitchen You Need to Know


Office kitchen ideas – The existence of a kitchen in a house is important because the kitchen has a vital function in a house. The kitchen is a service area in a house, and this is included in the important elements that must be found in a house.

A house that is spacious enough may be more flexible to design the kitchen, but not so with a house that tends to be narrow. Usually, the kitchen in a smaller house will also be small and usually combined with a dining room. Even more extreme, currently the concept of a kitchen that is merged with workspace is quite popular.

This concept is better known as office kitchen in the scope of design and architecture. In this article, we will discuss a little more about the office kitchen concept.

What is Office Kitchen

As mentioned earlier, the office kitchen is one of the new concepts in the field of interior design, which is applied to the kitchen combined with the workspace. This, of course, adds to the use value of the kitchen itself. Kitchen with the concept of an office kitchen not only serves as a service area in the home but also as a space for work or study.

Advantages of Office Kitchen

By applying this concept, a kitchen with an office kitchen concept certainly has more value than a kitchen with a conventional concept. Office kitchen has a dual function that is not owned by a conventional kitchen, namely as a service area as well as work or study space.

In the office kitchen concept, we can apply many designs of office kitchen ideas. For example, we can modify the kitchen with minimalism into a kitchen office concept by adding or changing existing furniture into a work table.

This office kitchen concept kitchen can certainly be a solution for people with a myriad of activities, whether they are single, or who are married. We can work at home comfortably in the office kitchen. In addition, if we feel hungry and thirsty while working, or need a cup of coffee in the midst of our business, then this office kitchen is very easy for us because we don’t need to go far from our work desk.

Designing Office Kitchen

In designing the office kitchen is actually not too difficult. We can even start by looking for various office kitchen ideas on the internet. If we have more budgets, we can also ask for help and advice from architects or interior design experts.

Office kitchen can be applied to almost all types of kitchens, even for small kitchen sizes. The key to this office kitchen design is the right spatial arrangement, where the kitchen can be in such a way that it is coupled with the workspace without creating tightness impression.

Selection of Office Kitchen Furniture

The furniture used for the office kitchen must be right. This is so that furniture can function optimally and there is no waste of space due to incorrect furniture placement. The use of smart storage furniture is highly recommended for this office kitchen concept. That way, we can put various kitchen utensils as well as office stationery but can still save space.

There are many types and models of furniture that implement smart storage features. We can get it in various furniture stores or also buy it online. Alternatively, we can also design the kitchen set with the smart storage by ourselves model so that we can adjust it to the size of our kitchen and be free to determine the model.

Tips to Design Office Kitchen

To design an office kitchen properly, there are some tips and tricks that need to be known. The first is adjusting the office kitchen design to our needs. This we can measure through as we usually do work at home. If we usually bring work from the office to do at home with not too many quantities, just make a minimalist kitchen office with little space in the kitchen set to place computers and other equipment.

In addition, we also need to adjust the office kitchen design that we want with the budget we have. This is very important so we do not blow the budget up. Furthermore, we also need to look at various references to office kitchen ideas so that we can adjust them to the budget we have.