Modern Kitchens Features

The kitchen is an important part of a house where the family gather up and bonding with each other. The design of a kitchen will define the quality of the owner of the kitchen itself. The kitchen design that most people choose is the modern kitchen. Designing a perfect modern kitchen is necessary to keep you up to date and to raise the mood of the whole family members.

The Characters of Modern Kitchen

The modern kitchen is the most-choice of people nowadays since its minimalist and spacious design that emphasizes the modern lifestyle which needs more space rather than more furniture in a room. These are the things that a modern kitchen should have.

  • The Background

The main difference between classic kitchen and the modern is the background of the kitchen which is pretty obvious to see. The classic kitchen’s background usually appears as the white plain tiles or some tiles that come in maroon or green. There is nothing wrong with the tiles. It’s just that you need to upgrade the classical style into modern vintage style by changing the plain tiles into Mediterranean tiles.

When the Mediterranean tiles seem pretty pricey, you can just put them in the center as the accent instead of covering the whole wall in tiles. As for the rest of the background, you could just turn it white. It’s because white never dies.

  • Stainless steel Appliances

The appliances should be upgraded as well while upgrading your kitchen into modern style. There is one typical modern kitchen that will appear simply but modern at the same time. Besides the simplicity, the stainless steel appliances will last long in your kitchen.

  • Colors Choice

One of the most difficult things to decide is choosing the color for the kitchen background. White as the infinitive color can be boring if you apply it for the whole house without any accent color. These are some colors you can choose for your modern kitchen.

  • Grey

Despite the old-impression, grey could be the perfect color for the modern kitchen when you mix it in the most appropriate way. By putting it as the accent color in the midst of the white domination, grey can make a good proportion while mixing the rustic and modern style as one. In some modern style kitchen, the geometric style will be perfect when it meets white and grey.

  • Black

Black is a sexy color for a kitchen. The most kitchen that uses black as the primary color is an apartment kitchen. However, it still can be applied in the family kitchen if you combine it with the warm wood color to make it look cozier for the family.

  • Pastel color

Most people will think pastel color will not be suitable for the modern kitchen design. However, if it’s used as the highlight color to contrast the surrounding, pastel color can be really eye-catching in a good way for your kitchen.

  • Cabinets Reducing

The cabinets in the kitchen support people to manage the kitchen better. On the other hand, the cabinets make the kitchen seem quite packed. Cabinets are actually not a mandatory need in a kitchen although, without it, the kitchen will look pretty weird without it. You don’t have to fully remove all the cabinets since it can be reduced by replacing it with the unfinished wood plank planted on the wall to help you manage the stuff by still preserving the upper cabinets.

  • Woody Kitchen

The kitchen that looks all wood will be a great idea of modern design since the wood has got the long-lasting character. You can start from the cabinets with the natural-stripes wood colored dark brown and black. The wood accentuates an impression of warmth and inviting. It will be suitable for the family kitchen.

The Latest Home Design Ideas

Home design always changes by times depending on the trends of each period. What kind of design that is up to date now? There are some styles you can choose whether to build your new home or to renovate it to get the modern look.

The Minimalist Design

Minimalist design has been a choice for these days home design. Less is more, or so what it is said about the design. The fewer things you put in the rooms, the more space you get to move around. The main characteristic of this design is that space is everything. This minimalist design creates an image of a big and spacious home.

  1. Living Room

In minimalist style, you will not require much furniture in your living room. If you want to add up a mirror to create an additional space, you better not put too many stuff in the room. Unless you want the room to look big but packed up, so it is absolutely not minimalist at all.

To make the minimalist style look more extra, you can put big windows surrounding your living room. It works better if your house locates around the woods, so the natural view will bring a relaxing mood into the living room.

  1. Kitchen

Decorating kitchen will make your cooking experience become more fantastic. The minimalist style will allow you to have less furniture in your kitchen. To minimize the furniture, these things can be shrunk or removed: cabinets, table, and chair. You can still have things that are mandatory in a kitchen such as a fridge, oven, dishwasher, etc. As for the cabinets, you can replace them with something cuter that do not take too much space.

The main characteristic of the minimalist kitchen design is that the space between the corners – tables or countertop – are quite wide and allow you to move freely. The simple decoration with fewer patterns will do the style perfectly.

  1. Bathroom

The most favorite place to relax after work is the bathroom. The minimalist style bathroom design includes the concern about the size of the bathroom into consideration. If your bathroom is quite huge, you can put a big bathtub as well as toilet and shower, even you can put a big washbasin below the mirror. However, you can still follow this minimalist design with limited space by excluding the bathtub and changing it into the shower instead.

The windows are not required here except the ones with blinds so people will not be able to reach out into your privacy. The curtain bath is also excluded since it will reduce the space and it also downgrades the elegant mood.

The Midcentury Modern Style

The year of midcentury around 1940-1950 has been a great inspiration for the various contemporary modern design of a home. It’s been popular for the main character of this style in which its wood-look accent and clean lines make it look warm and welcome everyone. The nature of the wood creates an elegant and warm look at the same time since it brings the nature into the house. Wood is not a cheap piece for sure, but using it to accentuate a room will not require much of its presence.

  1. Living Room

The living room of this style is pretty simple. In midcentury style, you will just simply put the furniture by the wall and arrange them in a straight line. The ones that make it look beautiful are the furniture around it. The sofa can be huge with some ottomans around the table. The small sofa will do too as long as it matches the main color of the room.

  1. Kitchen

The main characteristic of the midcentury kitchen is quite obvious to see since the dining room is attached to the kitchen. Table and chairs will be a part of the kitchen decoration in this style. The cabinets will be a perfect spot to paste the wood looking kitchen as well as accentuate the midcentury style.

Things about Office Kitchen You Need to Know


Office kitchen ideas – The existence of a kitchen in a house is important because the kitchen has a vital function in a house. The kitchen is a service area in a house, and this is included in the important elements that must be found in a house.

A house that is spacious enough may be more flexible to design the kitchen, but not so with a house that tends to be narrow. Usually, the kitchen in a smaller house will also be small and usually combined with a dining room. Even more extreme, currently the concept of a kitchen that is merged with workspace is quite popular.

This concept is better known as office kitchen in the scope of design and architecture. In this article, we will discuss a little more about the office kitchen concept.

What is Office Kitchen

As mentioned earlier, the office kitchen is one of the new concepts in the field of interior design, which is applied to the kitchen combined with the workspace. This, of course, adds to the use value of the kitchen itself. Kitchen with the concept of an office kitchen not only serves as a service area in the home but also as a space for work or study.

Advantages of Office Kitchen

By applying this concept, a kitchen with an office kitchen concept certainly has more value than a kitchen with a conventional concept. Office kitchen has a dual function that is not owned by a conventional kitchen, namely as a service area as well as work or study space.

In the office kitchen concept, we can apply many designs of office kitchen ideas. For example, we can modify the kitchen with minimalism into a kitchen office concept by adding or changing existing furniture into a work table.

This office kitchen concept kitchen can certainly be a solution for people with a myriad of activities, whether they are single, or who are married. We can work at home comfortably in the office kitchen. In addition, if we feel hungry and thirsty while working, or need a cup of coffee in the midst of our business, then this office kitchen is very easy for us because we don’t need to go far from our work desk.

Designing Office Kitchen

In designing the office kitchen is actually not too difficult. We can even start by looking for various office kitchen ideas on the internet. If we have more budgets, we can also ask for help and advice from architects or interior design experts.

Office kitchen can be applied to almost all types of kitchens, even for small kitchen sizes. The key to this office kitchen design is the right spatial arrangement, where the kitchen can be in such a way that it is coupled with the workspace without creating tightness impression.

Selection of Office Kitchen Furniture

The furniture used for the office kitchen must be right. This is so that furniture can function optimally and there is no waste of space due to incorrect furniture placement. The use of smart storage furniture is highly recommended for this office kitchen concept. That way, we can put various kitchen utensils as well as office stationery but can still save space.

There are many types and models of furniture that implement smart storage features. We can get it in various furniture stores or also buy it online. Alternatively, we can also design the kitchen set with the smart storage by ourselves model so that we can adjust it to the size of our kitchen and be free to determine the model.

Tips to Design Office Kitchen

To design an office kitchen properly, there are some tips and tricks that need to be known. The first is adjusting the office kitchen design to our needs. This we can measure through as we usually do work at home. If we usually bring work from the office to do at home with not too many quantities, just make a minimalist kitchen office with little space in the kitchen set to place computers and other equipment.

In addition, we also need to adjust the office kitchen design that we want with the budget we have. This is very important so we do not blow the budget up. Furthermore, we also need to look at various references to office kitchen ideas so that we can adjust them to the budget we have.

Bathroom Design for Modern Houses

The bathroom is one of the most important elements in a house. Therefore, its existence is needed because every home definitely needs at least a bathroom. This, of course, is influenced by the function of the bathroom itself for residents of the house. The bathroom functions as a room where residents of the house do self-cleaning activities such as bathing and so on.

The bathroom in a house is not only seen from the function perspective but also the aesthetic value. Because this room is so important in a house, then this room must always be in the house and also as much as possible can be added value to the beauty of the interior of the house itself.

Bathroom Design Choices

There are so many bathroom design choices. This design should be adjusted to the overall home design so that it looks harmonious. In addition, we can also ask for recommendations or suggestions from architects or interior experts for the problem of bathroom design.

In general, bathrooms can be designed based on several basic designs, such as bathrooms with minimalist, rustic, or natural designs. The most important thing is that we have to know how big the bathroom we have and how it needs so that the bathroom design can be adjusted later.

Good Design Criteria

For a good design criterion for the bathroom is a design that has aesthetic value but can still maintain the function value of the bathroom itself. In addition, it should also be remembered that the bathroom is one of the most accident-prone places in the house so that the safety factor must also be considered carefully.

  • Bathroom Accessories and Equipment

Some accessories or equipment commonly found in the bathroom are a shower, bathtub, sink, and so on. In some bathrooms, it is also often combined with a toilet so we will find a water closet in it.

Before determining what accessories and equipment we will use for the bathroom, you should first determine the basic function of the bathroom. Is it only used for bathing, or combined with a toilet. This basic function will determine what equipment we need.

Bathroom equipment itself should be chosen for good quality. Because it is used in moist areas, it is recommended that the bathroom equipment used is made of water-resistant materials such as porcelain and stainless steel.

  • Lighting

The bathroom must have good lighting. Also, try the bathroom to get natural light from the sun so that the growth of fungi and bacteria can be suppressed. At night, use bright white lights to create a clean impression in the bathroom.

  • Air Circulation

Air circulation is as important as the bathroom. Make good air circulation in the bathroom so that you can keep the bathroom dry after use and reduce the smell in the bathroom. Make rather large ventilation and connect directly to the outside air in the bathroom. It is also possible to consider the use of an exhaust fan on the bathroom ceiling.

  • Floor and Wall

A bathroom is a place that always has contact with water; therefore the bathroom floor should not be slippery. For this reason, coat the floor with coarse-textured tiles. In addition, the wall also needs to be coated with ceramic so as not to cause water which can trigger the growth of mold.

Super Tips to Design Super Comfortable Bedroom

A bedroom plays an important role in a house. Its vital function in a house makes the bedroom as one of the important elements of a house. This room is a place for residents to rest.

As a place to rest for residents of the house, you should sleep well designed to allow the occupants to rest comfortably because one of the factors supporting sleep quality is the comfortable atmosphere of the room. Therefore, the bedroom design is an important thing when we build a house.

Determine the Design of Bedroom

Besides functioning as a place to rest, in general, the bedroom also functions as a room to support other activities, such as work or study. Many people use their bedroom as a place to study or work. Therefore, the bedroom design must be able to facilitate these additional activities.

To begin with, we can choose the basic design and theme first for the bedroom. This basic design and theme can be adjusted to our personality so that the room can make us feel comfortable while in it. Thus, the activities we do in it will feel fun.

Color Choices

The color in the bedroom has a great influence on the atmosphere in it. Color selection in the bedroom should use dynamic color choices. This is so that the bedroom can bring a comfortable feel and a positive sensation to the occupants.

  • Neutral Colors

Neutral colors, such as white, ivory, or cream, can be considered as the best color choices for the bedroom, especially for bedrooms with a relatively small size. Neutral colors can give the bedroom a wide and spacious impression.

  • Warm Tone

The colors of warm tones such as pale yellow, peach, or orange can give a comfortable impression to the bedroom. To avoid an eccentric and too bright impression, you should choose a color from pastel pigments if you decide to use a warm tone color for your bedroom.

  • Cool Tone

The choice of colors from the cool tone is also not a bad idea for the bedroom. Colors such as light blue or pastel green will give a cool impression to the room.

Additional Decoration

Decoration in the bedroom can bring a certain atmosphere to the room. We can use furniture or accents on the walls and ceiling to provide additional decorations in the bedroom.

The choice of furniture in the bedroom such as beds, shelves, and cabinets, will greatly determine the end result of a bedroom design. In addition to choosing the right furniture, the arrangement is also very important so that the room does not look crowded. For bedrooms with small sizes can play furniture with smart storage features so that the bedroom has a lot of storage but space saving.

Meanwhile, for other decorations, we can add accents to the ceiling, for example providing a wood-coated finish on the ceiling so that the bedroom looks having more dimension.

Lighting Set Up

Lighting is also an important element in bedroom design. As a place to rest, the bedroom needs to have good lighting. In addition to using the main lamp that is usually located in the middle of the ceiling, you can try experimenting with placing a set of the lighting fixture in the corner of the room, or behind the bed. You can also try to put a desk lamp or two on the end tables or nightstands.

Besides, the bedroom also needs to get natural light from the sun. Therefore, make sure the bedroom has a window that is wide enough and facing directly to the outside yard so that air circulation goes well. In addition, it can also use the glass panel wall so that the light entering from the outside is more optimal.

Creating a Modern Living Room Layout

The family gathering at the party will take place in a huge comfortable living room. As the center of family and friends gathering area, the living room must be perfect in many ways as it will define the owner of the house. The quality of the design will be seen as a symbolization of the owner’s taste of aesthetic touch. The more modern the look of a living room, the more it will bring good pride for the host.

The Modern Living Room Layout

The living room designed nowadays has got some typical characteristics that will be easily recognized. The major layout will be recognized right away when one enters someone’s living room. If you want to give the modern touch into your living room, these are things you need to do.

  1. Deciding the TV spot

Television is the focal point of a living room which you need to put as the first consideration regarding its position will affect the whole layout of the living room. Since it is essential, you cannot just put it carelessly. Consider first whether the position of your television is likely passed by people who cross the room. You can always find a feng-shui help to decide to put things in the most perfect position.

  1. Sofa Position

After the focal point is decided, the next thing to do is locating the perfect positions for the sofa. For the living room that has got TV as well as the fireplace, the sofa positions might require a little more work since both can’t be put in the same place. The next thing to do is to put the sofa into two directions, the ones that face the TV and the others that face the fireplace. Besides, make sure that you’ve provided places for all people to rest their cups at their reach. As additional furniture, you can put ottomans or poufs.

  1. Enough Space

The space needed in the living room is not merely for the sofa but also the passage for people to move around the living room. It doesn’t mean that you are strongly encouraged to widen up your living room. If it’s not possible to enlarge your room, you can just shrink the furniture instead. Get rid of that oversized furniture and get the new ones that suit your living room more – in the matter of space – and showing a spacious impression.

  1. More Features

After all, is set in your living room, you can add up some features to improve the look of your room. Nevertheless, you need to remember that whatever you put in your living room, make sure that it will not take up too many spaces.

There is one feature that does not take up spaces, but it provides an image of a bigger room instead. Hanging a mirror is one of the most favorite options to enlarge the room. If you have big windows, that will be better to put the mirror across the window, so it will make you have two big windows.